That’s how love looks like today – the truth behind all interactions

Here is what brought a smile on my face today… Here I am, it’s 11 am – I just had 2 sessions with clients, breakfast and shower, and now energized by the exchanges, I am ready to go for a walk in a park with Jan and grocery shop together, as we always do – buy some wine, make an appetizer and visit our friends for dinner.

Now… I am all energetically pulled to leave the house, while Jan felt moved to wash the fridge before we go (thank to my man for that). So, I decided to stretch a bit on the floor… And of course as he is moving around food in the fridge, I am laying here with my legs crosses, giving him advises what better go where and why.

“Honey, could you please go back in a bedroom and wait for me there?”, he laughs… “Baby, but that’s just how my love looks like right now. I just want to engage, and have your attention”, I said… and then smiled to myself… I thought, what a beautiful representation… a fragment that describes the reality of all interactions. Whether we say loving words to each other, or argue trying to make our point of view heard, or appear controlling, or complain feeling victimized, or even have a physical fight, as kids often do – whatever we say or in whatever way we engage with another – we do it all for one single reason – to have an exchange of attention, to feel we exist, to feel we are connected (on the level of thoughts or a physical level)… In other word – to feel the unity in this connection, even if it has a manifestation of the opposite. That’s just how LOVE looks like in the moment…

By seeing it, acknowledging it, we make it possible for any interaction to quickly change its energetic character and BECOME an act of Love…

So, with these words I engage with you today… And that’s how my love looks like today :-)
How does YOUR love look like today?

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