The Couple’s Business Academy

Learn How To Design & Launch Any “Couple’s Business” in 90 Days & Run It From The Beach

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Work with us and turn your life around.

During the 3 month training program together we will launch a new and exciting business for you and your sweetheart – any business your heart desires, so you can deepen your relationship, fill your pockets, even travel the world while running your venture with the assistance of these awesome people. :-)



  • Where you really are in your life
  • What you each really want
  • Where there are discrepancies
  • What beliefs and patterns are in the way of you getting what you want
  • How to align your visions
  • Finding opportunities based on a joint skill set, along with professional and life experiences
  • Defining the 1st product and the business model for your “couple’s business”
  • Creating an angle for your brand
  • Creating strategic and tactical marketing and communication plans
  • Learning sales tactics for offline component of business, as well as utilizing digital (online marketing) strategies
  • Being held accountable for executing your jointly drafted action plan
  • Common pitfalls of “couple’s businesses” and how to prevent and resolve conflicts
  • How to collaborate from the place of pure data and Love, while recognizing and resolving ego clashes
  • How to turn work into play
  • Creating a roadmap for the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of (or were afraid to dare to dream of)
  • Analyzing successes and opportunities for improvement, relaunching your plan if needed, integrating your learning experience
  • Developing practices to increase emotional satisfaction and spiritually deepen your relationship
  • How to improve functioning of the body for vitality, youthfulness, weight loss if needed, strength and stamina


Building blocks you need to learn to make your home a HOUSE OF PROSPERITY & FULFILLMENT:

the couple's buisness trainign program overviewWe are currently accepting enrollments for Module 1.

Module 1 consists of One-On-One coaching with both founders of the Couple’s Business School.
(well, it actually would be Two-on-Two if you bring your partners – in many instances both Jan and Olga will be facilitating the session).
Live sessions will be held via Skype or Google Hangout, since we are having blast traveling for the next few months.

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And as an AWESOME BONUS, I (Olga) will share with you my dirty little secrets:

  • How To Find, Build And Retain A Love Relationship That Will Last
  • How To Be The Boss Your Partner Will Never Want To Fire
  • How To Have Red Hot, Intense & Deeply Spiritual Relationship By Becoming A Coach For Your Partner
  • How To Uncover Greatness In Your Partner and Become a Power Couple by being Each Other’s Role Model
  • How To Get Over A Break Up Or Other Trauma Using PhysioEmoDynamics
  • How to Boost Your Coaching Or Teaching Practice With PhysioEmoDynamics
  • How, By Starting A Business Together, You can Rehabilitate your Family Without Relationship Therapy