Daily Meditations: How to Find Your Love Or Make Love Find You

Olga was asked by a client “How do I find true love?” The Daily Meditation video that resulted works perfectly here on the Couple’s Business site because what emerged serves couples at least as well as a searching single. What is true love anyway? How does the interchange between two people shifting from transactional to unconditional affect the way we llive and work together as partners? What underlying attitudes and insights could we bring to seeing and feeling opportunities to create value and connection in our lives? We’d love to hear your response and learn from you about this and hear any other questions you’d like us to address.

There’s no shortage information or advice about how to find your true love. People are spending 2 billion dollars a year on online dating alone. Olga I enjoyed delving into popular cuture and meditating on the possible causes and patterns driving the data and in the case of finding true love, counting up the casualties. Why is it so hard to find true love? What are the awareness understandings that can improve the experience and your odds? Enjoy this meditation on the subject and let us know below what other questions you’d like us to address.

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