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Generate fulfillment in your life and success in your ventures.
Our mission is to heal relationships and help couples become entrepreneurs, living in love, prosperity, fulfillment and ease; to create a movement and popularize the benefits of “couple’s businesses”; to support the art of living, the science of entrepreneurship, and the literature and philosophy of how to create more love in our world. 

We achieve this mission through education – wisdom training for individuals and couples.
Jan Hutchins

JAN HUTCHINS, Managing Partner:

Jan Hutchins is an inspiring leader and coach…
Blessed with charisma and warmth, Jan is a former mayor of Los Gatos, renowned Bay Area TV news anchor, Emmy-award winning producer, Black Journalism Pioneer award recipient, entrepreneur, thought leader, marketer, community activist, emcee, yogi and keynote speaker who adds just enough humility and humor to to each coaching session for you to be inspired and empowered.

Please see Jan’s speaker profile here.
Please see Jan’s introductory video / bio and inspiring message here.

olga kostrova the couple's business coaching healing san jose san francisco

OLGA KOSTROVA, Managing Partner:

OLGA KOSTROVA is a successful serial entrepreneur, social innovator, public speaker, healer, spiritual and business coach and visionary who will inspire you with profound, often controversial insights derived from her 20+ year career in marketing management, entrepreneurial adventures, world travels and alternative transformational practices. Olga Kostrova is known for pioneering the crowdfunding industry with her virtual co-funding and co-ideation start-up platform in 2004, inventing new marketing technologies and advertising models, facilitating unprecedented performance and productivity outcomes via C-suite executive coaching. She’s been able to rid clients of serious conditions like clinical depression or paralysis –  in a single 2 hour session.

Please see Olga’s speaker profile here.
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